Seven Jewels of Wisdom

The Fresno Theosophy Study Center is teaming up with the United Lodge of Theosophists in San Diego. Monk Ken is a member of both.  The Seven Jewels of Wisdom is being presented by a wise teacher from The Hague, in the Netherlands. This special series is a part of the San Diego groups usual Sunday meetings at 10:30 am, initially in person at the Lodge, and now primarily on zoom video-conferencing.

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Reincarnation, Heredity and Health

Sunday, May 3, 2020, 10:30 AM

Online event

2 Members Attending

First 1/2 hour on Theosophical Tenets. Then presentation in the series “Seven Jewels of Wisdom” by Johanna Vermeulen joining us from The Hague in the Netherlands. Zoom is link provided after you RSVP.

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Please enjoy this online, zoom based video-conference class online on your desktop / laptop or on your phone zoom app.  These precepts of concepts are taken from H. P. Blavastky’s book, “The Secret Doctrine.”

Seven Jewels of Wisdom
Seven Jewels of Wisdom

A San Diego church offers Sanctuary to Immigrants facing Deportation

Kathleen Owens, pastor of First Unitarian Universalist Church

From KPBS news, discussed at LOM.





“The second (law) is like the first, you shall love your neighbor as yourself ”  Matthew 22:39

This is the answer to a lawyer given by the esteemed Abrahamic teacher in the Judeo-Christian tradition when he was asked about the greatest commandment in the Hebraic law. The Unitarian Universalist church and the humanitarian social justice for which both that church and I stand has been a part of my adult life since High School days.

–Monk Ken




A Theosophical Center

The mission of Live Oak Monastery is Healing body, mind, and spirit & Teaching meditation, spiritual truths, shamanism, reiki, Awakening Dynamics energy healing, hypnotherapy and subconscious programming.  The LOM project has a rustic day use retreat center located in the Central Coast of California, near Los Padres National Forest, and the Cuyama river which was a trail from the Central Valley to the ocean for the Chumash and other Indian groups.  Monk Ken is the primary life professed theosophist offering consultations and spiritual services for LOM.