Earth Day 2019

Monk Ken and friends representing Theosophical ideals, including the Universal Personhood of all Humankind,  invite you to make an observance of Earth Day 2019.

  1.   One Action Item is to plant a tree (they convert atmospheric CO2 into wood, and reduce the burden of greenhouse gases in our planet’s atmosphere).
  2. Another action is to attend any local Earth Day observance in your area.

Circle of Blessings

A lively contingent of the Unnamed Path brothers and some friends / guests all participated in the Circle of Blessings.  We also enjoyed a wonderful and tasty potluck dinner at Harmony Place in San Diego, CA.  This was officiated by Mathew on Saturday nite December 8th, 2018.

Circle of Blessings

Thanksgiving Gratitude 2018

A lovely spiritual family, some members of the Paracelsian Order, at Madre Grande Monastery.   Thanksgiving 2018 at the sacred land in Dulzura, CA.  There is so much for which to be grateful.

New Moon in October 2018

Back at Harmony Place after rejuvenation in the Unnamed Path’s amazing workshops and meditations held at the 2018 Stone and Stang spiritual event in the Santa Cruz, CA area.  New beginnings, new empowerment.  My choice is to be of service to others.  At home I was greeted by blossoms for me and the hummingbirds.

. The Bhagavad Gita and You

Workshop on the GitaJoin Dr Ken Campos this August 9-12, 2018, for a lively, transformative,   self-actualizing workshop on Theosophy and the Bhagavad Gita, the Song Celestial.  Course fee is $150, with separate fee for accomodations at the vegetarian, meat free camp near Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks at 7200 ft. elevation.  See and RSVP to

Earth Day 2018

The San Diego Unitarian Universalist Church hosted “Reunion of Science and Religion – Head and Heart” and Care for our Common Home was presented as the moral value of the day.   “Laudato Si” was recommended.

Mother Earth and Dr Ken Campos with Paracelsian Order Abbot, Sally Lee & UU friend John K

Fresno Theosophical Study Center hosts Quest Books author, Minor Lile

This coming April 23, 2018, Monday at 5:30 pm, the Far Horizons Theosophical Sierra Camp and the Fresno Theosophical Study Center will host the presentation “The Dharma Karma Nexus”

The guest speaker is Mr. Minor Lile, former Executive Director of the Orcas Island Foundation & the Theosophical center, Indralaya. He is currently on the board of the TSA, Theosophical Society in America.  The venue is in Fresno, CA near the airport.  Please RSVP at

FTSC Minor Lile


A San Diego church offers Sanctuary to Immigrants facing Deportation

Kathleen Owens, pastor of First Unitarian Universalist Church

From KPBS news, discussed at LOM.





“The second (law) is like the first, you shall love your neighbor as yourself ”  Matthew 22:39

This is the answer to a lawyer given by the esteemed Abrahamic teacher in the Judeo-Christian tradition when he was asked about the greatest commandment in the Hebraic law. The Unitarian Universalist church and the humanitarian social justice for which both that church and I stand has been a part of my adult life since High School days.

–Monk Ken




Vernal Equinox 2018

This past Spring Equinox was about 10 am Pacific Time on Tuesday 03-20-2018.  A dedicated group of us in the Paracelsian Order gathered together that morning at Madre Grande Monastery in southeast San Diego for our quarterly convocation.  Later that day we  read from this book used at LomaLand, a theosophical community located on Point Loma from  1900 until 1942.  At LomaLand the theosophists practiced the Universal Brotherhood of mankind, Raja Yoga, and also built the first Greek open air amphitheater in the United States in 1901. The Spring-time reading focuses on initiation from the perspective of European Druid lore and spirituality.