Insight Timer phone app

Secular monasticism. That is “The Way” for me as Monk Ken, living in the day to day mundane world, as a householder, and involved with various projects. My main project is outreach & support and empowerment for families living with severe mental illness. Back on March 09, 2017, some five years ago, I began to use this phone app (Insight Timer) to aid my meditation practice. So far I have use it for 1876 days. Today is a milestone of sorts (200 consecutive days). This is tricky because there have been the odd days during which I am “busy and distracted” with the life issues or a car trip, with something out of my routine, out of the ordinary which allows me to forget to use the app until just after midnight. I am a bit of a nightgown. Then, alas, I have missed using the app that day. Long ago I flirted with TM, Transcendental Meditation. They recommend meditation at regular times in the day and twice a day. This requires a certain degree of devotion, dedication and perseverance. Self-mastery, if you will. Today I am celebrating 200 consecutive days.

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