Human Caused Planetary Warming

I just looked over some EarthDay 2018 pics and vids from the San Diego UU Church’s presentation on human caused global climate change. On that occasion two years ago one UCSD climatologist spoke and one venerable theologian spoke. The unanimous scientific observations and unanimous general predictions of professional practicing scientists in that field are real facts. A significant percent of the human population will be dead within the next 25 years if we do not change (Human lives lost by direct and indirect consequences of our human caused burning carbon, burning petrochemicals and as a direct consequence, changing the pH of the seas and making greenhouse changes to our planet’s atmosphere). The theologian advocated using the Roman Catholic Pope’s, 2015 encyclical, “Laudato Si” as a further call to action for the estimated 1.2 billion Catholics to get into action for lifestyle change to be good “stewards” of out shared planet. Thus, for the rest of us non-Catholics, humanists, Areteans, Unitarians, Protestants-Jews -Muslims, and other folks living on this planet, we can network and share a common vision and goal to change consumerism, vote with our dollars, our money, to reduce the carbon cost of products we buy, our travel, our lifestyles.

EarthRise December 24, 1968. Apollo 8 mission to the moon.

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