SchizoPhrenia Care Project – Survey

Dear Readers: Your help is requested. Currently is improving a set of video podcasts to educate, support, and empower the parents, the caregivers of a loved one who is living with a diagnosis of SchizoPhrenia. To get this done, a 5 question survey is offered to you. If you are , or if you know such a caregiver or family member, please reach out to me, Ken Campos for a link to the survey. Contact me at FaceBook or on Instagram at THANKS so very much, in Advance.

Above is a safe-link to my Video Request for your help to further strengthen the bonds within families living with SchizoPhrenia. This survey will help address the need, concerns, questions of caregivers in the upcoming Video Podcast <Hope at Home> mini-series.

Come to October 2019 Self-Discovery Event

The Hearing Voices Network, HVN, is presenting a community building event in the hills of southern San Diego county.

WHO IS WELCOME: Those folks who consider themselves “voice hearers.” Those folks who have what may be considered unusual experiences are welcome. Some folks who identify as “psychiatric survivors.” Folks who have visions, information downloads, and invisible companions. Interested supporters, too.

WHAT WE OFFER: Safe, supportive space for sharing. Community building exercises. Some Lectures to help you find your “framework” to better understand your experiences. Healthful nurturing vegetarian meals. Time for hiking and exploring.

WHERE: Outdoor camping in the beautiful chaparral with oak trees and native plants. Exquisite rock formations. The “great mother” hillside. Located at Madre Grande Monastery, a theosophical order (non-religious philosophical movement dedicated to the Universal Brotherhood / Sisterhood / Person-hood of all Peoples).

WHEN: October 23-27, 2019

To register to attend, and get more information go to

Download the event flyer here:

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