Thanksgiving Gratitude 2018

A lovely spiritual family, some members of the Paracelsian Order, at Madre Grande Monastery.   Thanksgiving 2018 at the sacred land in Dulzura, CA.  There is so much for which to be grateful.

Vernal Equinox 2018

This past Spring Equinox was about 10 am Pacific Time on Tuesday 03-20-2018.  A dedicated group of us in the Paracelsian Order gathered together that morning at Madre Grande Monastery in southeast San Diego for our quarterly convocation.  Later that day we  read from this book used at LomaLand, a theosophical community located on Point Loma from  1900 until 1942.  At LomaLand the theosophists practiced the Universal Brotherhood of mankind, Raja Yoga, and also built the first Greek open air amphitheater in the United States in 1901. The Spring-time reading focuses on initiation from the perspective of European Druid lore and spirituality.